How We Are Different

MOST INSPECTORSwill provide you with their certifications and license number and what organizations they belong to. They will also tell you that they do a thorough inspection, use this or that inspection program to provide you with an easy to read report with pictures. They will also explain the report and answer your questions and concerns, and will email you the report while on site or within 24 to 48 hours. And every inspector should do those things and we do too, BUT WE DON’T STOP THERE!.


  • A lifetime service that will notify the homeowner via a monthly newsletter of any new recalls on their appliances and offers our helpful Monthly Maintenance Minute updates

  • If mold is found in your home, that was not present at the time of inspection, you are covered for remediation up to $2000

  • Covers your water and sewer line from your house to the point of connection with the water supply or the sewer utility’s wastewater collection system or septic tank. Each line covered up to $2000

  • For a period of 5 years following the inspection, protects against new leaks in the roof of the home. After deductible, repair cost are covered up to $3000.

  • This is a mechanical and structural coverage warranty that’s good for 90 days after the inspection or 22 days after closing, whichever comes later.

  • A FREE service provided by Top Choice Inspection that gives you access to ask a Professional any question about your property. This service is especially useful for any maintenance issue that may arise in your home where you would like an expert’s input and/or suggestion!